Make Your Friendship A Medium To Earn Money!

Introduce you buddies to us and win cash. An added reason for you to play Rummy24. Want to know how? Check out our “Refer a Friend Offer” Give referrals and get money. You get Rs 500 and your friend also gets Rs 500.
Share referral code
Send your unique referral code via text message, email or through social media platforms to your friends and refer them to Rummy24. You’ll get Rs.500 for every friend that you refer to Rummy24. What’s more? Even your friend also gets Rs. 500! Hurry! It’s a win-win situation for both. Start earning through your referrals today.


  1. This offer is for both the referrer and the person who has been referred to.
  2. Refer Bonus offer is only applicable on first time deposit.
  3. Exact Rs 500 needs to be deposited in order to avail the Offer.
  4. Here the referred user has to deposit exactly Rs 500 at first time, then only both the referred user and the friend (who shared the code) will receive 500 bonus each.
  5. If in case the referred user deposits any amount other than Exact Rs 500 at first time then he/she and his/her friend will not be eligible for the Refer Bonus Offer.
  6. User can avail a Super Offer also which can be termed as the combination of two Offers i.e. Refer Bonus + First Time Deposit.
  7. Here the referred user has to deposit exactly Rs 500 at first time only by using “FTD50” Promocode which in result gives the outcome like this - the referred user will get the bonus of 750 ( 500 for Refer Bonus and 250 for First Time Deposit) and the friend (who shared the code) will get the bonus of 500 i.e. Refer bonus.
  8. By registering on rummy24, you agree to the Terms of UseNote that the Refer Bonus Offer can be used only once which is on first time deposit only.
  9. Employees of Rummy24 are not permitted to avail this Offer.
  10. Terms & Conditions of Rummy24 and its Privacy Policy are applicable for all those who participate in this Offer.
  11. Rummy24 Management has the right to modify or withdraw the Offer at any time without providing any prior information to the Players.